Wednesday, May 27, 2015

‘Annadata Sukhibhava’

She might be around 75-80 years old or may be older than that, cannot say. But I always see her whenever I go and visit the place, happens usually on Sunday's.

She has this genuine smile on her face, which is very contagious. You will automatically smile back and feel the happiness radiating from her and from you. She is very unique and beautiful in her own way.

Yellow saree, she was wearing and she was looking more fragile this time. May be because I am seeing her after 3 weeks? Not sure, cannot say that but old age is definitely catching up with her. I never spoke with her, just did my duty and went back.

As soon as I got down from my car, she recognized me and came walking towards me with difficulty. Greeted me with her beautiful smile and I smiled back. Asked her whether she ate had food since morning, she said she had jowar roti for dinner.

I took her to the payment and had her sit down and I sat down beside her (believe me, I was being looked upon with curiosity). Asked her where she is from, she said a village near Mahboobnagar. Then she started talking about her past.

Her husband passed away and let her alone to raise 4 daughters. She raised them and married them off. Her elder daughter was married off to a guy who is basically a rouge it seems because he started treating her and his wife like animals as soon as her daughter gave birth to a girl (this is still a sigma in India, won't say rural because have seen this happening even in cities).

He made her sign papers which transferred all her properties to his name, which includes if I am correct, around 10 acres of land (couldn't catch this properly as she was having trouble speaking). Then he & his wife disowned her and she came to Hyderabad and has been begging for money and food near Kachiguda railway station.

I opened my wallet and gave her all the money in it, not sure how much but I guess was around 300+ bucks. She smiled and said she can survive for a week! She then blessed my kids, I told her I am not yet married and she started laughing and said that she thought I was married all this time. She asked me as to why not, I said may be the unknown divine has something else in mind. She blessed me stating that I will grow in career wise and will have a bright future. I just smiled and thanked her, touched her feet to seek the blessings. It seemed genuine, the blessings. I got into my car and drove off.

Note 1: I don't know her name, I usually call her Auvva or Amma (Mother or Grandmother) and she responds back.

Note 2: I usually don't share these kind of experiences or the work which I do but I felt something different today, so sharing it.

Note 3: For all my Hyd friends, I donate food (lemon rice, curd rice, etc.,) after buying them from hotel to street beggars every Sunday. If you would like to join, drop me a message or call me: Number visible in my profile.

Note 4: Couldn't get a clear pic of her as she was not happy to get clicked. Attaching a not so clear pic.

Note 5: If possible, please help the needy people (old age guys) and offer them some of your time and food.

‘Annadata Sukhibhava’

Sunday, October 12, 2014


The light turned Red, ahh I must get up now before it turns Green. Alas, my legs doesn't have that much strength now. I look for my best friend, the stick. There it is. I grab it and try standing, but fall down. I must get up quick before they move away. It's been 2 days since I have eaten anything properly.
I gather all the strength that is left in me and move to the nearest car. The guy on the other side of the window looks down on me and makes a face. I simply smile and move to the next car with difficulty.
There's a kid sitting inside it and he smiles at me. That smile reminds me of my son when he was of the same age. I smile back at him. The guy who looks like his father sees this and smiles at me and rolls down the glass and asks: "What's your name?". I say "Everyone in the nearby locality calls me: Chacha". He grabs his wallet and gives me couple of bucks which is enough for today's food for me. I smile at him and say: "Thank you and may god bless your son a healthy life". He seems puzzled with my blessings and asks me as to why I didn't bless him? I said: "Son, you have given me the money and helped me. I already blessed you in my heart. Your son's smile is very genuine and I would like that to stay with him till the end of his life."
I move away from the car and sit on the payment as I am too tired even to stand for a minute. I can have a good meal today. I hope the kid in the car will look after his dad when he grows up unless like my son, who abandoned me.
Sorry, been a while since I was active on Blogger. Just started writing back. Will try to keep this blog updated.
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