Friday, December 30, 2011


It was early morning and I was enjoying the light provided by my best friend since ages. I was basking in his light and watching my children play with each other. Few were playing with equals while other were playing with them who was not equivalent in strength. I was amazed as to how few of my children grow up so soon except one. That child of mine thinks that he is the superior of all my children as he is capable of thinking and doing wonderful things. But it hurts me when I see the same child kill my other children just for fun.

I was watching a young fawn of one of my child grazing lazily around in the field, while another child of mine was lurking around and teaching its cub how to hunt silently. I was amazed when my child suddenly showed its presence to the fawn, that's when I heard a sound and saw that my child was dead and the cub was crying around its mothers body. While I was searching for the source of the sound, I found my other child walking lazily towards the cub with a smirk on its face. I'm feeling sad that why my child is not learning or realizing that killing is not for fun.
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