Sunday, October 12, 2014


The light turned Red, ahh I must get up now before it turns Green. Alas, my legs doesn't have that much strength now. I look for my best friend, the stick. There it is. I grab it and try standing, but fall down. I must get up quick before they move away. It's been 2 days since I have eaten anything properly.
I gather all the strength that is left in me and move to the nearest car. The guy on the other side of the window looks down on me and makes a face. I simply smile and move to the next car with difficulty.
There's a kid sitting inside it and he smiles at me. That smile reminds me of my son when he was of the same age. I smile back at him. The guy who looks like his father sees this and smiles at me and rolls down the glass and asks: "What's your name?". I say "Everyone in the nearby locality calls me: Chacha". He grabs his wallet and gives me couple of bucks which is enough for today's food for me. I smile at him and say: "Thank you and may god bless your son a healthy life". He seems puzzled with my blessings and asks me as to why I didn't bless him? I said: "Son, you have given me the money and helped me. I already blessed you in my heart. Your son's smile is very genuine and I would like that to stay with him till the end of his life."
I move away from the car and sit on the payment as I am too tired even to stand for a minute. I can have a good meal today. I hope the kid in the car will look after his dad when he grows up unless like my son, who abandoned me.
Sorry, been a while since I was active on Blogger. Just started writing back. Will try to keep this blog updated.
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