Thursday, July 29, 2010

What If The Govt. Was Run By Young Minds ?

Think about this question for a while & imagine what would be the situation ?

Will it be a Boon Or Bane ?

It will be both if you ask me. Let me discuss why I think so.

Young Minds at work, Unstoppable & always ready to go, confident, lack of fear, new ideas, co-ordination, no-discrimination between religions or castes or sex or race, etc.,
They will change the complete face of the Govt. & how it will effect the people around will be an interesting piece to watch out & see. They will definitely give a run for money to the politicians for sure. Seriously, just think what all things are going to happen. Things will change a lot for sure. They will eradicate a lot of things which our dear old politicians are not doing. Our country will become a powerful one for sure. Not only in terms of the Military, but in terms of the Wealth as well as the business would be booming.

Restless, No Experience, Aggressive, etc.,
They will be in-experienced in many ways. Will not able to handle more hectic issues like floods, emergency situation (WAR), political scandals, religions fight, regional conflicts, etc., Here is the where the experience comes into picture. They will have to go through a lot of difficulties. It would be a disaster for sure.

So we cant say that the country has to be run by such a party where there is a proper mix of Old & Youth. Then the country would be seeing the profits for sure.


RoHiT Iyer said...

You bet... I think it's more of a boon than a bane cos it's high time India's got a better profile. It's almost stinking with the rotten politics and politicians.
I especially like the point you made where Young minds don't discriminate between religion, sex, caste and race is right.
That again pushes me to remove the reservation thing... That'd be the best boon to the country.

Well written!! Keep writing more of these

Raghu said...

Thanks Man.. Nice to read that most of the people like the points..:D

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